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Four and a half decades and two generations of dedicated service by one family have seen the phenomenal transformation of a modest local trade into the Pankaj Group of Companies, one of the biggest Indian business houses dealing in Aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

The Pankaj Group of Companies is so powerfully entrenched in the Aluminium trade that it can, without exaggeration, claim the pre-eminent position in India's light metal markets, in every possible way. Be it volume of trade, extensive marketing network, excellence of service, customer satisfaction or that intangible effect that a corporate has in its area of specialization. The market reach that the Pankaj Group of Companies enjoy can be gauged from the fact that the list of suppliers and clients reads like a veritable 'Who is Who' of Aluminium-oriented corporates in India.

1965 saw the Shah family begin a small local trade. An almost visionary understanding of the vast potential of the low priced Aluminium saw the company emerging as a new and potent force in the developing light metals market. By contributing greatly to public awareness of the convenience of light metals, at a time when steel was the monarch, the group created history which owes its origin to and runs parallel to successful conglomerates like Hindalco Industries Ltd., Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. (BALCO), National Aluminium Co. Ltd. (NALCO), and Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd. (INDAL).

Having achieved success in the trading sector, the group entered the manufacturing arena, taking over small scale industrial units in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. The group started manufacturing the complete range of Aluminium circles, slugs, billets, re-melted ingots, notch bars and extrusions of Aluminium & Aluminium alloys. New plants were also set up in the Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli in Western India to manufacture Aluminium wire rods. An ambitious expansion programme has been launched to increase installed capacity, especially with regard to the production of extrusions, circles & wire rods, using the state-of-art equipment and technology, comparable to the most modern European plants.

The group, slowly but surely widened its horizons. New goals were sought and achieved. Finally, there has come a time when the entire Western region of India accounting for nearly 40% of the country's Aluminium consumption is being almost monopolistically serviced by the Pankaj Group of Companies.

Completely family owned and yet professionally managed, the group services a wide range of both national and international trade generating unprecedented volumes of business. The vast network of business establishments that the group owns all over India make it one of the most influential players in the light metal markets in the country. From the beginning, the group has always had the foresight to incorporate emerging technologies into its businesses. Investing recurrently in state-of-the-art machinery and latest & sophisticated know-how, the group has maintained international standards from pre-globalization days in India. It is, therefore, no great surprise that global players in Aluminium have sought out the Pankaj Group to represent their interests in India. Some of the best and biggest smelters represented at the London Metal Exchange (LME) prefer to deal with the Pankaj Group of Companies as they rightly see this group as a one-stop solution to all their requirements in India.

The Pankaj Group of Companies has extensive plans for expansion as well as for consolidating its market base further. Warehousing for international players is one area of operation that has been planned for this new millennium. Plans are in their final stages of implementation to also increase manufacturing with a proportionate growth in external trade. Imports and exports of both raw stock and finished goods is a major area of concentration for the group. Financially sound, the group is also on a mission to increase its presence word wide in the future. The group looks forward to these tasks as it believes that the road to growth lies in challenges. The Pankaj Group of Companies is after all the heavy weight of the light metal industry in India.


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